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Port Adelaide 2017 Men's Indigenous Guernsey


Celebrate the diversity in AFL with this Port Adelaide Power Indigenous Guernsey 2017. The jersey has a fully sublimated design and features the AXIS fabric technology which provides optimum comfort balanced with an unparalleled weight to strength ratio. The Port Adelaide Guernsey features custom Aboriginal artwork across the front and the back which is based off an art piece by Nathan Krakouer; depicting a story about the aboriginal people and the Dreamtime - spiritual connection to the rich lands, animals, plants and people.The neckline has been constructed using 3 piece design to enhance the Guernsey's fit and offers a tailored cut providing the closest thing to what your AFL heroes are wearing on game day.

  • Mid weight polyester
  • Micro eyelets to draw heat away and promote cooling
  • Fully sublimated design
  • Reinforced seams
  • Slim fit design
  • Manufactured by ISC
Aboriginal Artwork Background:
  • This design is a story about Aboriginal people and our Dreaming and the spiritual connection we have with the land, animals, plants and people.
  • The 9 hands represent the 9 Aboriginal players at PAFC with the animal tracks representing our creators leading us to our special place, Port Adelaide.
  • The animal tracks represent myself and my teammates totems that is special and important to us and our families.
  • I have placed the year 1967 on the front of the Guernsey which is the year Australia had a referendum where 90% of Australia voted for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to be included in the Australian population. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary.
Notes from the Aboriginal Artist:

I have used the Boomerangs in the Guernsey, Shorts and Socks to represent our people hunting, fighting and protecting each other like we do at the Port Adelaide Football Club. Hand prints for Aboriginal people can be dated back thousands of years and the old people would put a mixture of ochre, water and animal fat (emu or kangaroo) into their mouth and blow it across their hand and onto a surface. I was taught the higher up a hand print was on the surface the more important the person was. Unfortunately, a lot of this tradition has been lost to our people and sadly the beautiful rock art we see all around Australia will one day be gone.

It has been a real honour for the Port Adelaide Football Club to ask me to design this Guernsey. I have taken on this responsibility with great pride and excited to use a family member in Andrew Taylor from Brothaboy Designs to assist in the design.

Price: AU$124.99
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